Viagra Professional (Sildenafil): Revealing The Truth

For more than twenty years Viagra has been a unique phenomenon of the global pharmaceutical market. The manufacturer has convinced us all that Sildenafil Citrate can put new life into the weakest erection so that millions of men were happily queuing ready to spend the last dollar on these magical blue pills sold at a scandalously high price.

Viagra Professional (Sildenafil): Revealing The TruthViagra proved to be a miracle with its 95% effectiveness, exceptional safety, and few contraindications. But there was one catch: the world was starving of CHEAP ED medications. The deficit of reliable and affordable erectile remedies inspired pharmacists to develop Sildenafil-based Viagra generics that would be identical to the original preparation in respect of therapeutic action, strength, and quality with small variations in a size, forms, composition, and time of absorption (read more information about bioequivalence of generic drugs at My Canadian Pharmacy).

Despite the evident benefits of generic Viagra, impotent patients are very skeptic about their effectiveness thinking there is always something wrong with drug alternatives. On the Internet, generic products like Viagra Professional are the subject of much controversy. And Canadian Pharmacy Online is here to shed light on the most popular questions about generic Viagra.

Are generics safe?

FDA, the world’s leading drug control authority, regard generic drugs as essential medical options allowing people to have a greater access to cost-friendly health care. Generics are the copies of branded medications as they contain the same active substances as the original medication. Before mass-production, generic manufacturers have to prove their products passed the same rigid standards of quality, performance, and efficacy as the innovator medication.

Organizations like FDA regularly conduct clinical trials to compare generic products to their brand counterparts, monitor generic-related adverse events, and publish the obtained results in the open sources. Hence, you can rest assured – Viagra Professional meets the same specifications and requirements as its original.

Can generic Viagra Professional be used in specific populations?

Patients looking for Viagra Professional at My Canadian Pharmacy often ask us this question. Premarketing clinical studies of Sildenafil (the main agent of Viagra and its bioequivalent generics) confirmed that there are no significant differences in response to Sildenafil between young and senior (over 65) users. Actually, the dose adjustment is required for those individuals with the history of severe renal, hepatic, retinal, or cardiac disorders. Notably that mild to moderate conditions of liver, kidneys or heart do not require the specific selection of Viagra Professional dose.

What effect does Viagra Professional have on blood?

 Viagra Professional is vasodilator – it makes blood vessels expand what results in the mild drop of blood pressure. Patients suffering from hypotension or any other cardiovascular conditions (irregular heart rhythm, unstable angina, cardiac insufficiency, etc.) and taking antihypertensive drugs or cardiac medications need close medical care and the dose adjustment if they decide to start Sildenafil therapy.

How does Viagra Professional interact with other drugs?

With the majority of medicaments, Viagra Professional does not interact at all or just has minor drug-to-drug interactions. However, severe interactions are possible if a patient combines Sildenafil Citrate (active agent of generic Viagra) with the next pharmaceuticals:

  • Any organic nitrates,
  • CYP3A inhibitors,
  • Oral antifungal remedies,
  • Antibiotics,
  • Alpha blockers,
  • Antihypertensive agents,
  • HIV protease inhibitors,
  • Other PDE5 inhibitors.

Can generic Viagra cause prolonged erection?

If a man has anatomic features of the phallus (deformation, penile surgery, shaft damage, angulation of ureter) pre-existing blood cell conditions like leukemia, hemophilia or anemia, he might experience acute priapism (an unusually long and embarrassing erection often accompanied by pain in penile tissues) for about 5 hours after taking a Viagra Professional pill. Individuals without these health problems are not prone to develop prolonged erection. An excessive dose of Sildenafil may provoke priapism as well. To avoid abuse and severe morbidity, a patient is advised to completely follow the product instruction.

Does Viagra Professional induce vision impairment?

Men treating their erectile disorder with generic Viagra sometimes complain of permanent blurred vision. According to the post-marketing research of Sildenafil Citrate, patients with pre-existing ocular diseases or retinal anatomical defects are at risk of developing visual disorder while being on Viagra Professional. The incidents of color discrimination and vision disturbance are explained by the fact that Sildenafil in a less degree also inhibits phosphodiesterase-6 (an enzyme produced in the retina).

Is Viagra Professional addictive?

The composition of Viagra Professional includes Sildenafil citrate and auxiliary natural ingredients aimed to enhance the action of the main substance. There are no synthetic chemicals in generic Viagra that can induce physical dependence in men (remember, regulatory agencies are continuously monitoring and reporting on generics and what they do in the body). Nevertheless, Viagra Professional may develop psychological dependence in males who take it for the recreational use or administer it with illicit drugs (so-called poppers or club pills).

Can generic Viagra Professional increase libido?

It is a typical question asked by those people who are not familiar with Sildenafil’s mechanism of action. The answer is no. Viagra Professional starts working once a male’s organism activates the production of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) in the penis. This activation results in blood vessels vasodilation (widening) and, hence, enhanced blood flow to the penile shaft.

Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) prevents the formation of cGMP to keep the normal chemical balance in the body. Sildenafil binds to the molecules of PDE5 and breaks them. The matter is that the production of cGMP is only possible under sexual excitement. Consequently, generic Viagra helps a man improve his erection but it does not boost his sexual appetite.

Top 10 best-selling drugs at Online Pharmacies

There are many situations in life when we need to take medications to help us deal with various health issues. Drugs are the products, which should be chosen especially carefully because their quality and safety will significantly influence our health. At AWC online pharmacy, we put a lot of effort into making our online store into a convenient space where you can easily purchase various medications that you require and be confident in their high quality.

Our emphasis on quality generic medications allows us to provide you with the most affordable prices for medications, as we understand that no one wants to spend a large sum of money on drugs. Moreover, our online services enable you to save hours of your time searching for the drugs all over the web or driving around looking for the drugstore with cheaper prices.

Which drugs do people buy most often through Canadian Online Pharmacy?

Here we provide the list of 10 best-selling medications, which you can purchase through our website:
Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) is a PDE5 medication used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men of different ages. It is the most widely used erectile dysfunction drug in the world, and it is effective for the majority of men. The effect of Canadian Viagra lasts for 4 hours, and it should be consumed about 30 minutes before the intercourse.

Cialis (Tadalafil) belongs to the group of PDE5 medications created for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. The most amazing thing about this drug and what distinguishes it from other drugs of this category is that its effect lasts for 36 hours after you take one pill.

Kamagra is the drug effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and it features the same active ingredient called sildenafil, which is used in Viagra. Kamagra should be taken 30 to 60 minutes before the intercourse, and it remains effective for 4 hours.

Amoxicillin is an antibiotic of a wide spectrum, which is prescribed for the treatment of infectious diseases affecting respiratory and digestive tracts, infections of skin, urinary and reproductive systems.

Zithromax is a medication, which fall into a group of wide spectrum antibiotics. It is very effective in the treatment of respiratory tract infections, urogenital system infections, soft tissue and skin infections.

Priligy (Dapoxetine) is the drug developed to help men suffering from premature ejaculation. The drug works by affecting the levels of serotonin in the male brain and helping regain control over ejaculation.

Female Viagra (Viagra for Women) is a medication prescribed to improve sexual desire in women. It is used by women who are diagnosed with anorgasmia and female sexual arousal disorder. The drug acts as an aphrodisiac, and it is highly effective in increasing female libido. Female Viagra should be taken about one hour before sexual intercourse.

Viagra Super Active is an enhanced alternative of traditional Viagra. Men respond well to a traditional Viagra, but some men may find that this modified version works best for them. The drugs should be consumed 30 to 60 minutes before the intercourse. After several consumptions, you will be able to figure out the perfect time for yourself.

Propecia is an effective medication in the treatment of androgenic alopecia, which means that it helps deal with a receding hairline and improves the growth of hair. The drug is targeted at prevention of testosterone from converting to DHT hormone, which is responsible for such problems with hair and doesn’t allow new hair to grow. Because of its influence on hormones Propecia should only be used by men.

What the treatment of impotency should start with Viagra Online Pharmacy

Day first: help needed

You got to know from your doctor you have impotency. For every man the diagnosis sounds terrible. But it does not mean the end of sexual life, nothing is over yet. Moreover, under certain conditions it may even lead to the improvement of the sexual life.

Your case is not unique, and there are a lot of people who experience the same problem. You will probably be prescribed the trial treatment with Viagra or other medications, sent to urologist for the examination, who will perform additional tests. Only after that it is possible to make conclusions.

You should not forget that your partner is also involved and suffers from this. Although the subject is quite uncomfortable, it is necessary to do everything together, including the choice of the treatment method.

Medications and the treatment methods

Viagra online Pharmacy

Erection starts with the nervous impulses in the brain that evoke the chemical reaction. As the result, the muscles that hold the blood vessels in penis relax and the vessels begin to fill up. It is obvious that the process is complex and comprises a lot of stages, that is why a lot of things can go wrong.

A lot of medications can help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction: Viagra online Pharmacy , Levitra or Cialis. They improve the respond to the signals received from brain. Thus, they do not form the erection directly, but just help to achieve it. You would just have to take these medications constantly as the medicinal treatment.

These medications are often recommended to men that suffer from impotency, but they have some contraindications. So, they are not always suitable. It is necessary to consider some factors.

The range of medications needs to be injected directly into penis to facilitate erection and promote the response of blood vessels. It depends on their influence upon the body. The matter is that not all medications can work effectively when administered in the form of pills. Due to this there are other medications formulated in the form of injections. They are injected directly into the place that needs to be stimulated. Such treatment is effective, but some men just cannot put up with the thought that they will receive injections in penis. Doctors usually try to avoid using such medications without the emergency, but sometimes they have to try these methods, too.

The suction pump is an alternative that is widely used lately. This is a simple tool that helps to improve the blood flow to penis. Special erection ring placed at the stem of penis provides the long maintenance of erection. Using various remedies together it is possible to achieve strong erection and perform sexual intercourses without any restrictions or discomfort for both partners.

In some cases men agree for the operation of the placing of prosthesis in penis. This is the simplest single component implant that helps to maintain erection. In the absence of erection it just lowers and does not bring any discomfort. There are also other options, for example, the implant filled with water. When it is necessary it just forces into penis.

As it was mentioned above, the doctors first try traditional and painless methods that have proven efficiency. This is the treatment with Viagra at Online Pharmacy, Cialis online pharmacy and other suchlike medications, psychological therapies are also widely used, they will be necessary anyway after the person has suffered the erectile dysfunction. If these medications did not produce the desired effect, the other methods of sexual function restoration are suggested. The doctors have lots of such methods. Sometimes only the systematic approach and the complex of all treatment methods produce the desired effect.

Anyway, it is necessary to understand that the treatment of erectile dysfunction is not as complex process as it may seem at the first sight, though it may be quite durable. The moat important thing is to seek help from your doctor in time.

Sexual activity

Overcoming such disease as impotency requires great efforts of both partners. However, it is necessary to remember that the solution to problem of erectile dysfunction is just the first half of the path you should walk though to achieve the satisfactory sexual life. The most important thing is to discover erotic opportunities together and consider the desires of both partners. A lot of sexologists say that there are hardly any rules in sex, you are free to try whatever both partners like, that is why you can always reach compromise, probably deviating from traditional methods and common rules.